Big suprise...

Wow is what I said too! this was so strange, and i could tell that when i click on this guy, he wasn't Rockhopper.

Behind the Penguin under construction

Hi! We are currently under construction!

To become a part of CPN?

Behind the Penguin is going through a lot of changes and one of them is that BP may become a part of Club Penguin Neighborhood! I need to contact Frostylittle but you never know...

~Brownie Wen


Behind the Penguin's newsletter keeps you up to date! just send in an email to that says these exact words: Hi Brownie Wen!


You could WIN...

160,000 coins on Club Penguin!

Just send in as many Funny Videos in at
learn more by going there.

Here is what else you could win:

120,000 second most Videos sent in
80,000 third most

More soon!