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160,000 coins on Club Penguin!

Just send in as many Funny Videos in at
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120,000 second most Videos sent in
80,000 third most

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Musicbubb said...

Hey brownie. I have three funny puffle pictures from the puffle circus from the fall fair, if you'd like them, please email me at:

brownie wen said...

Dear Musicbubb,
I cant email you at this moment, but yes i would want them! learn how to send them in at

griffdog said...

Hey Brownie,
Remeber a while back you said you wanted to be the Graphic Member of CPN? While I'm going to take you up on that offer. I really need betetr graphics, and your the best at that kind of stuff! If your not too busy, please comment back and join! That wpuld rock, and I can trust you , I've know you for about a year now.
~Frostylittle, President of CPN